There are 3 ways to hire us to work for you.

By the day

$ 850
day rate
  • Perfect for one-off changes
  • Does not auto-renew
  • Up to 1 hour meeting time
  • Work is delivered at EOD
Hire us for the day
Most Popular

Low Demand

$ 2,500
Per month
  • Great for small businesses
  • And existing websites
  • 3 month minimum
  • Auto renews to monthly
  • Meeting every month
  • Weekly email updates on progress
Hire us for low demand

High Demand

$ 5,500
Per month
  • Good for larger websites
  • And new site builds & apps
  • 3 month minimum
  • Auto renews to monthly
  • Weekly meeting
  • Full access durring business hours
Hire us for high demand
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, providing you have meet the minimums of the plan you are currently on. For example if you hire us for "High Demand", you will need to complete the 3 month minimum before moving to the "Low Demand" or daily plan.

In addition to our work days are double for High Demand, you will have more frequent communication with us with the High Demand plan.

No. Because this is a personal service, our costs need to be met from the beginning of our engagement. If you have just a couple small items you need help with you could start with the daily plan and work up to a monthly plan.

One hour of a developers time is not equal to another. It's difficult to compare one dev shop with another based on an hourly rate. Our approach to our value is based on our teams level of effort for an entire day. Here is why. A days effort for tasks is far more efficient than just an hour here and there. We do more work and better work when we can focus a whole day on your project. An hourly dev shop will have developers work on as many different clients in one day as possible. The result is less work and less focus on the project.

Our hours would roughly amount to the following.

  • Low Demand: 20 hours/month
  • High Demand: 45 hours/month
  • Dedicated/Custom: 60-100 hours/month

Because you are hiring us for professional services that is what you will get. We can plan, prototype, create a scope and set target deadlines and milestones. However, it's completely normal for those to change and evolve as the project moves along. You are in control of scope. Think of it as you're buying services rather than a product.

Yes, We have clients who need after hours support or their needs exceed our full-time option. If you have a large need are are able to accomodate you with a custom retainer plan.

It depends on our schedule, but in most cases we are able to add you to our schedule in less than 10 business days.

Want to hop on a quick call? Here is our calender. Find a time for us to talk.