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Why do I need to maintain WordPress?

A maintenance plan helps your site stay up to date with the latest security updates released for WordPress and each of your plugins. Roughly half of all websites are built using WordPress. This makes it a prime target for hackers.

WordPress is super easy to use thanks to its vast library of plugins. Unfortunately, these plugins can quickly become your site's Kryptonite if not carefully monitored. A vulnerability in a plugin can act as a doorway for 3rd parties to insert malicious code into your site. This can lead to site outages, exposed data, losing access to your dashboard, etc.

Plugins are updated often by their authors. If not monitored, your site can quickly become out of date, and vulnerable to an attack. You can drastically reduce your exposure to an attack by monitoring your site daily and making the updates as needed. A maintenance plan is an essential preventative measure, but not a guarantee that your site could be compromised.

How much money am I losing during a site outage?

Most sites that are hacked can take anywhere from 1-5 days to recover. Enter the appropriate number of transactions your business gets every day to see how much money a hack would cost your business.

Don't worry, this information is not saved or stored. This tool is just to help you gauge the gravity of an attack on your site.