Basic WordPress Support


Business hours Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm Mountain.

You'll get:

  • Daily Security Scan
  • Daily WordPress core updates as needed
  • Daily Plugin updates as needed
  • Monthly Site backup
  • Access to support team
  • Prioritized scheduling for site changes when needed

Basic support is a preventative plan to maintaining your WordPress site. We scan your website daily for any known issues. Also, when a plugin goes out of date, we are notified and we make the update within the next business day. We also make a backup incase of a data loss and we need to do a disaster recovery.

Keep in mind that while this is a preventative plan, there isn't a way to make your WordPress site 100% hack proof. If there is a situation that comes up, we usually know before you do and we will take action as soon as possible to fix the site. The cost of those fixes are billed separately from the monthly maintenance of this plan. Also, if you notice something is wrong with your site you will be able to connect with us during business hours on our chat.

Plugins are constantly under attack and authors of those plugins do their best to shore up their code against vulnerabilities. As a result, WordPress plugin updates happen very frequently. Plugins are the main way that WordPress sites are hacked. When you let a plugin go out of date, your exposure to a hack increases dramatically.

As a member of this plan, you only pay for the hours worked for the repair. And you will get our reduced hourly rate of $125/hour and priority scheduling.

When you submit this, you will get an email from us to set up a time to get on a call to confirm details of your needs.

Billing wont occur until after we make sure we have the right arrangement and process set up for you.