WordPress Extended Support


Business hours support +4. Mon - Fri 8am to 9pm Mountain. (please allow 1 hour response time after 5pm).

You'll get:

  • Daily Advanced Security Scan
  • Daily WordPress core updates as needed
  • Daily Plugin updates as needed
  • Monthly Site backup
  • Access to support team after hours
  • 6 hour of repair time
  • Prioritized scheduling for site changes when needed

Extended support is a plan we recommend for highly active, high demand WordPress sites. We do all of the preventative maintenance that we do with the basic plan, with the addition of using daily, multiple scan tools and manual verification of site health.

Also, we take a more proactive approach when we see potential issues that could threaten your site. You also have extended hours access to our support chat if you have any concerns or questions. You would be able to reach our support team until 9pm Mountain Mon - Fri.

If you notice something is wrong with your site before we do, you will have access to our support chat with extended business hours.

This is also a preventative plan, and as with any website, there isn't a way to make your WordPress site 100% hack proof. If there is a situation that comes up, we usually know before you do and we will take action as soon as possible to fix the site. We will do up to 6 hours of repair work. If the situation requires more, we will bill for the additional time for the repair.

When you submit this, you will get an email from us to set up a time to get on a call to confirm details of your needs.

Billing wont occur until after we make sure we have the right arrangement and process set up for you.