Submit a ticket.

Be as descriptive as possible. Share what the URL's are for the pages you are seeing the problem on and any error messages you might be seeing. The more you can share, the faster we can help.

Got a problem with your website?

There are a lot of reasons why part of a site will stop working or go down completely. If your site suddenly needs fixing, you're in the right place. Submit a ticket and we'll begin the process to fix your site. Before we can begin, we will share a cost and timeframe estimate.

To be able to determine the cause and cure of an issue, we will need some or all of the following.

  • Access to admin (ie. WordPress admin)
  • Access to server
  • Access to host provider
  • Access to the domain name
  • Access to third party services

If you are already a client of ours, we likely already have these. Just incase, keep them handy incase they have changed or we don't have them.

* Disclaimer: If your issue is related to a third party plugin or service, and your issue is a result of their outage, we probably can't fix it, but we can help you address it with them or offer some alternative solutions.

Hours of operation.

Our support team is available from 8am to 6pm Mountain time Monday through Friday. Tickets that are submitted after hours will be processed the next business day.

* Excludes holidays.

Some things we fix on a regular basis.


You might have got a notification from your host provider or, your browser is telling your users that your site is unsafe. We can fix this.

Site certificates (HTTPS/SSL)

It's common for a site certificate to expire and your visitors get the warning from their browser that your site may be unsafe. We can fix this.

3rd party configuration

Often services like Google Analytics or other site integrations change and your site needs to be updated. Have your creds ready and we can help re-integrate.

Database error

Sometimes after a plugin is updated, it can break your site and now you get a database error. We can fix this.

White screen of death

Is your site just a blank white screen? We can fix that.

Site not found

It could be your host provider or your domain name expired. We can usually fix this.

Frequently Asked Questions

After we confirm we have the right access and can diagnose the problem, you will get a work agreement for a set number of hours for us to remedy the issue. Once you agree to the terms and amount, we can begin to repair your website.

We offer a few website maintenance plans that can help mitigate against further website issues.

After we have the proper access from you and payment, we can usually begin the next business day.

Want to hop on a quick call? Here is our calender. Find a time for us to talk.